About Us

KMU QEC Vision​

To ensure high standards of education in the field of health and social sciences, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, through an effective, consistent and innovative setup of quality enhancement mechanism, at KMU.

Our Mission/Vision

To gain excellence in health care by focusing on the implementation of an exemplary quality assurance mechanism in medical education

To enhance the quality of our academic\research programs, students, faculty, and processes via continuous monitoring and controlling measures.



  • To review and improve program outcomes and ensure program outcomes are aligned with institution vision and regulatory bodies’ requirements.
  • To ensure faculty involvement in development, review, implementation and monitoring of the curriculum.
  • To ensure student’s involvement in curriculum development, review, and implementation.
  • To ensure continuous evaluation of faculty, modules, and exam with the purpose of ensuring quality enhancement.
  • To ensure quality of delivery of curriculum
  • To ensure and advise on innovative teaching methodologies.

About QEC

  • Quality Enhancement Cell of Jinnah Medical College was established in 2021 under the umbrella of Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission, when KMU, QEC has made it mandatory for all affiliated colleges. Soon after QEC, JMC has been recognized as permanent department of the college.
  • The basic aim of the Quality Enhancement Cell is to improve the standard of education. The responsibility of QEC is to asses and evaluate the academic Programs and give recommendations accordingly for any improvements if required.
  • Quality Enhancement Cell of Jinnah Medical College is engaged in accomplishments of targets set by QEC, KMU. The purpose is to create quality culture in the College. During the period 2021-2022, QEC was establishing its department but now in year 2023 the department will soon merge with its standardized performance.